2018 Reunion is July 19-22

2018 Reunion
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Joe and Becky's Wedding July 3rd 2015
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2014 Reunion
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2018 Reunion is Thursday July 19 to Sunday July 22

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Tolbert:    French and English (of Norman origin): from a Continental Germanic personal name composed of a first element of uncertain meaning + berht ‘bright’, ‘famous’.

Genelogical searches showed most Tolbert's are from England and Ireland ( not a very Irish name).  However, The name is considered English, and most historical searches show the sir name Tolbert to be likely from Talbert, which is a common British last name. A visit to Ellis Island revealed that it was common for the person receiving the immigrant to mis-spell a name, based on how they heard the person speak.  Interesting facts about the Tolbert name: Most people with our last name were farmers until the 1900's. Most Civil War soldiers with the last name Tolbert fought for the Confederates, although it was only a 60/40 split.   And, most Tolbert's settled in the southeast, east and northeast of the United States. There are no wealthy Tolberts as of note. However, if you know a wealthy Tolbert, please let them know that they have an open invitation to our reunions.

James W. Tolbert, marries Alice V. Hutson

Callie celebrating the Superbowl XLIII victory

"I love the Tolberts, they are my
favorite family of all time!!" - Franco Harris
"I would not be where I am today if it were not for the Tolbert's. God bless them!!" - Jack Lambert
" I was going to go
to Cleveland, until I met the Tolbert's" - Hines Ward


The Tolbert's are a large family from the Pittsburgh area.
James W. Tolbert Sr., and Alice V. Tolbert raised 12 children in Emsworth, PA.
In 2005, we had a family reunion in and around the Pittsburgh area.
We had our next reunion during July of 2007 in Pittsburgh, PA. We had our reunion June 2014. Drop by and say "hi" ( bring a six pack)


Yes, he is a member of our family

At the Pirate Game 2005
Maryanne and JWT Jr.

Please email John with any update information about any TOLBERT'S
at: tolbert.j@comcast.net


On to Northwestern University!
Jaimie and Drew at Drew's H.S. graduation

Tolbert Karaoke

3 Amigos
Jeff Scott and Luke (before the arrest)



Gone but not forgotten:
Dad:  December 1997
Lori: February 2005
Carey: October 2013
Mom/Grandmom: April 2016 
We love you and miss all of you.   We can only take comfort knowing that you are happy and smiling down upon us.

Easter babies

Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to this site.

Think you might be a Tolbert? Or, always wanted to be a Tolbert? For a small non-refundable donation, you can become a member of the family. We have three exciting levels !!

The Mckees Rocks level for only $25. This allows you to attend the reunion picnic and talk to us, but no guarentees anyone will acknowledge you.

The Northside level for only $50. This gives the same privileges as Mckees Rocks, PLUS the time-shared honor of providing all beverages for our reunon picnic.

The Golden Triangle Level for only $100. For this top of the line "steal", you get to bring the liquid refreshments, and converse with the Tolberts at the reunion picnic. And in ADDITION, you also get to go first in our annual "jump over the bonfire" the night before the picnic. This is considered a great honor. But wait, there's more !! You also receive a FREE official Tolbert reunion T-shirt with the Golden Triangle level.  (shirt to be received after the bonfire jump). No refunds. Must sign waiver.

Folks, I can't emphasise this enough. This is a once-in-a-lifetime deal !!! Hurry , before they are all gone!!!