2018 Reunion is July 19-22

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Marty's 50th !

Vegas !!!

Marty's 50th birthday included a week in Las Vegas and a surprise party a week later put on by his daughter, Margaret Mary.  The week in Vegas, at the "South Point" Hotel and Casino.  The hotel had a 12 screen movie theatre, 8 restaurants, a 64 lane bowling alley, casino, pools, outdoor hot tubs, jacuzzis, spas, and an indoor equestrian arena.  For the surprise party, Marty was caught
 off-guard after a birthday dinner with his two favorite girls (Margaret Mary and Miranda), when they stopped at Sunny Jim's and there were 30 people waiting for him for a surprise cake, drinks and funny birthday cards.Laughing

Marty , enjoying time with the slot machines
Playing some blackjack!
Visiting Hoover Dam.
Don't Jump!
" boy, that's a lot of concrete..."
getting in a few games of bowling at the hotel
Happy Birthday!