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Tolbert news

Here is a recent update of Tolbert news:  Scott and Tiffany had a great wedding on August 9th 2008.  The Tolbert's had a great time, and were the life of the party! See their wedding page for pictures. Scott seems to work "out of town" quite often. No truth to the rumor that he has 5 families throughout the country.   Drew Tolbert graduated from  Northwestern University.  Currently lives in Los Angeles, has a great job with Pixar,  and can be seen with his new friends, George Clooney and Matt Damon at local coffee shops.
Tommy & Odelia Tolbert are proud to announce the arrival of  Maverick Michael Tolbert. He was delivered at 11:07 PM Februrary 20, 2008.  Both baby & mother are doing fine.
6 lb. 1 oz.  20" April 3rd 2010, Callie had a baby boy named Jackson.- In other news, Tracy Tolbert and her longtime boyfriend Mike, have tied the knot on September 6th 2008.  The wedding was not just an event, it was a whole weekend! Tom was a great host in his new home on the James River.  The new place got it's initiation by holding 10 or 12 Tolbert's from out of town, 5 or 6 local Tolbert's and even 4 or 5 of us who were there for the wedding , but stayed in a local B&B. Tom's place has it's own dock, boat and can double as a bathroom if you time the tide right.  Plenty of Tolberts were overheard planning their family vactions at Tom's new place.  No one has spoke to Tom yet, but that is a mere detail compared to the family favorite "pop-in". See the wedding pages for great photos of the wedding weekend in Smithfield, VA.
Jessica and Hilarie both had new babies in April 2011. Vivienne 3/30/11 8:30am, 4lbs 6 oz 17.5 inches born to Tom Tolbert Jr. And Hilarie. Jessica and Rudy had Theo.  Theodore Vincent Verwey born 4/11/11 9 pm PST 6 lbs 12 oz. Welcome Theo!
Congratulations to all the new parents and newlyweds! In more current news, Andi, moved to Lehi Utah in June of 2016 ,  after living in Houston for a year or two, and is now employed as a Speech therapist for special needs students!! Way to Go Andi!!!

More Tolbert news:
The Tolbert 2010 reunion was a big success!! The schedule included; bowling, a bonfire, Pirate game, a mass at Sacred Heart in the name of James W. Tolbert Sr. and Loretta Fay Marszalek. The Sunday picnic had good weather, with a bouncy machine and "White Elephant" auction. The food was very good, and everyone seemed to be having a good time.
August of 1943, James W. Tolbert's B-17 crashed outside of a town called Lummen, in Belgium.  The town's people rescued him (sort of), I mean when the Germans came looking for him, where do you thinh 90% of the town people were? I am pretty sure it was'nt that hard figuring that the guy there looking for, must be over there, where hundreds of people are gathered around that bar! Anyway, the town,  commemorated the event in August 2013. John Tolbert went over and represented his father for this much-anticipated event. The "Dear Mom" and it's crew are to be displayed by names on a beautiful monument . Some pictures and link to a wonderful video are within this reunion website.     Sheri Cahill has accepted a position for the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Was stationed in Egypt and now evacuated to America, and even bought a house in Raleigh N.C. Why on earth would anyone want to go to Egypt?  "Hey what's the weather going to be like today? Hot!, same as yesterday, and the day before, and tomorrow, and the day after.." Way to go Sheri!!  Jamie Tolbert has moved to Brooklyn, NY He was given a big promotion , and is now someone who gets to order other people around in a NYC museum.  Way to go Jamie!!.  Jeff Cahill graduated from Pitt, and has lived in Boston, Raleigh, NC, and is now back in Pgh.. $50 to whoever predicts where he lives next!  Callie Cahill Graduated from Chatham College in April of 2007,  with a BS degree in Social Work. !! and has now become a new home owner in Avalon, PA. (Greaser!!)
Kortney graduated from Ganon University and now works at Fisher Schientific as a Cross Reference Director., while spending her free time getting an MBA. We anticipate her MBA in December 2013. Then it's on to big bucks, big title, and a big big office. Jim Marszalek moved to Maryland in 2011 and is now an "Assistant National Director" for the VA services and goes to the White house occasionally (possible place for next reunion?) Jim has completed  the Marine Corps Marathon October 2013. in 5:35.  John and Berni went to Ireland for 2 weeks in March/April 2011   Marty had a big Las Vegas 50th birthday celebration.  Check his page. Scott and Tiffany had a baby girl January 2012, and Ben-jamin york graduated from Slippery Rock University December 2011, and has a job with some type of green-peace, tree-hugging, you get the idea. I say what you bury in your back yard is you own damn business. Where else am I supposed to put my used car batteries?
 Margaret Mary  delivered a new baby boy - Maxwell. Way to go Margaret! Kristy had a big promotion to Unique Process Director of G.S. Jones Co.  ( how does anyone uniquely process something anyway?) See this link for the article on Kristy; https://www.gsjonesrestoration.com/site_content/September%202011.pdf    Jim Tolbert Jr. has received an award for his teaching in the state of Virginia. Go to: http://www.pcs.k12.va.us/highlights/2008_09/sbo_tolbert.html  
Well, the 2012 Reunion is over. This year we changed it up on our agenda. We had a group go to a local drive-in, some went to a carnival, and parade. The family all showed for Kingston's baptism at Sacred Heart church in Emsworth, PA. Sunday was the reunion picnic with a coloful showing of each of the 12 children wearing a different color, and anyone associated with that person wore the same color. May 2014, Andi graduated from Penn State. She plans to stay in Happy Valley for a while, and then plans to move to Houston, TX. Congratulations Andi!
Our next reunion is July  2014. We are open to ideas and suggestions. Remember, I can not post anything, if I do not know about it.
Have any updates about a member of the Tolbert family?  Send them to: